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Athabasca University

Meet the Learning Designers

Learning Designers offer professional expertise in all aspects of learning and teaching, project management and educational development. Some are involved in innovative research and development projects, often in collaboration with AU faculty.

Stephen Addison
BA (Hons) (First Class) (UK)
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
AU - Edmonton, WS 1139
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Corinne Bossé
BA (Spanish Lit) (Concordia University Montreal)
BEd (TESL/TFSL) (McGill)
MA (Ed Tech) (Concordia University Montreal)
Faculty of Graduate Studies
AU - Edmonton, WS 1106

Dr. Andrew Han
BA (Dalhousie)
MA (Guelph)
MA (Dalhousie)
MEd (Calgary)
PhD (Queen’s)
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
AU - Edmonton, WS 1138
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Dr. Sandra Law
BSc (Calgary)
BA (Calgary)
MA (Calgary)
MEd (Alberta)
PhD (Ed Tech) (Calgary)
Office of the Vice President, Academic (OVPA)
AU - Edmonton, WS 1136
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Dr. Mary Pringle
BA (Manitoba)
MA (North Dakota)
MS (North Dakota)
PhD (North Dakota)
Faculty of Business
780-675-6937, 3012D ARC
AU - Athabasca
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Hongxin Yan
BEng (SUT, China)
MEng (XUT, China)
MA (Ed Tech) (Concordia University, Montreal)
Faculty of Science and Technology
AU - Edmonton, WS 1137
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